Sunday, March 27, 2011

Terroni Review

Here's a doozie.

Thank you for posting this wiseconsumer and here is the original Terroni complaint.

Eating at Terronis- while they do have a decent pizza and nice establishment they are beyond cheap, beyond reasonable. Run by the family, staff are slaves. Portions of pasta so small, someone with anerexia would still be hungry. They idiots..."all are portions are weighed the say" Lets see pasta is expensive at 2 bucks a box, make it yourself and its even cheaper. Then the attitude. The manager is someones daughter who would rather give you a hard time and make you feel like your the problem rather than the fact the restaurant leaves you hungry. If F_ _ _en ridiculous. The most parsimonius people on the planet. Dont even think of calling someone at head office. Apparently the father cossimo is even worse. The skill set is passed on. Why do they do so well, location location location. I have to admit there food can be good, just make sure you have diner somewhere else before eating there. The low carb diet exhists at Terronis. Its impossible to get fat eating there.

Ask them to change one item or even leave one item off anything and its like pulling teeth. I say avoid eating there, great thing about Toronto is theres lots of great Italian restos. I say F_ _ K terroni. If they fed the homeless, the homeless would starve. Pick another restaurant. We ate there for years than one day we complained about portion and they had the audacity to give us a hard time. Whose the customer here?! We even asked them for a donation for a childrens charity, any amount 2 dollars 5 , 10. They gave us their card to call them, we called them 4 times and they never returned a call or for that matter even made a donation!! AVOID TERRONI AT ALL COSTS. CHEAP SCANTY PEOPLE THAT DONT GIVE A SH_t OR RATS ASS ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMER. THEY HIRE DUMB STAFF THAT ARE CONSTANTLY REPLACEABLE TO AVOID HAVING TO GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO PLEASE ANYONE. COMPLETE A_____ES. MAYBE WE OUGHTAT MAKE THIS A DASH AND DINE TO TEACH THESE B_ST_RDS A LESSON. Hopefully this will make it to GOOGLE and if your reading this (owners) may you have a heart attack and drop dead face down in your 2.2 oz measure plate of pasta. That is after you place it where the sun doesnt shine!! F---k Terroni.


La Bettola Di Terroni

La Bettola Di Terroni,

Your Manager Tina and your hostess thought it was okay to humiliate your guests. It's not and I hope you learn a lesson.

For our other readers, La Bettola Di Terroni is a casual dining italian food restaurant located at 106 Victoria Street in Toronto. The food is decent, but the staff makes you wish Hannibal Lecter was serving you instead. Seriously.

My girlfriend and I were regular customers until today. We were treated so horrendously rudely by your manager Tina (a woman so evil that we could feel the bile creeping into our throats) that we were inspired to create this new blog so everyone can share their stories.

At home with a cold, my girlfriend offered to walk over and get my favourite dessert from the restaurant. Here's some ridiculousness from the call we made to place our takeout order.

First my girlfriend is vegetarian. We asked to hold the salami on our pizza (like we always do). The hostess snorts, "you can't make ANY changes to your order". That's cool, but my girlfriend kindly replies that she's a vegetarian. So, the hostess has to "ask" the kitchen if we can hold our meat; I don't envy her having to tip toe up to a dictatorial chef probably trained by Tina.

Second, we asked for two orders of our favourite dessert. Naturally the hostess has to "ask the kitchen" again to see if that's okay - even though we said we'd be happy with it in a paper cup to go and we've taken it home before this way. We were quickly and snappily told the kitchen refuses to make us dessert. So, my girlfriend cancelled the dinner order. And, somehow that's okay with you, Terroni. Afterwards it got even worse.

I call back and ask to speak to the manager. Tina gets on the phone and goes into a vicious monologue about how the kitchen can't make us a dessert. After swallowing her BS for 3 minutes I kindly explained the situation and she finally caved in and agreed to make us what we wanted. FYI the dessert is a pre-made italian pudding called budino. They just need to scoop the tasty stuff out of a pail into a cup.

My girlfriend walked over to the restaurant to get the whole order where she was openly ridiculed (to her face) by Tina the manager and the hostess - just because we asked kindly for our dessert!?. In fact, Tina had the guts to keep making fun and hide her face behind a newspaper so that she could continue insulting my girlfriend in her fun-fest with the hostess.

This kind of behaviour is unacceptable especially at a restaurant. Actually it's unacceptable anywhere and you should be ashamed of yourselves. People have feelings and you're not in a position to bully your guests. In the internet age you're playing with fire. Guess what? This article will be up forever. Ladies, I hope Cosimo Mammoliti is reading this. I hope your friends are reading this. I hope your families and your children are reading this. And, most of all I hope you learn a lesson: being rude and ridiculing people is not okay. But that's a dream. People like you usually suck forever.

La Bettola Di Terroni wouldn't even give us a little bit more free bread on an $82 take-out meal for two people. WTF! LOL.


The Ex-Terroni Lovers